sonoplanes ==========

sonoplanes is a non-linear audio arrangement application written in Pure Data.
It is aimed at driving multichannel audio installations and supports setups with
minimal to no maintenance.

It follows the concept of event generators on one hand and
players on the other hand. Events can be generated at specified times
or triggered by an external event (from the environment/arduino or
network, etc.). Events can trigger other events or control audio players.

Those functionalities are abstracted into modules, so-called abstractions.
The number of those modules can be adapted and thus allow simple customization
of the application.

The software is being written by Roman Haefeli and developped
in cooperation with the artist Andres Bosshard as part of the
project REMIX.BL, eine Klangbaustelle.

more ====

License =======
sonoplanes is published under the GPL.
see LICENSE.txt for more information

Author ======
© 2010-2012, Roman Haefeli