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Testprojekt von Roman: Yeah.. phase1 fertig
alle issues konnten geschlossen werden.
Added by Roman Haefeli almost 6 years ago

Testprojekt von Roman: Phase1 wird jetzt dann abgeschlossen
Es müssen nur noch einige Bugs geschlossen werden.
Added by Roman Haefeli almost 6 years ago

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Latest projects

  • SMS (14.05.2014 12:24)
  • CsoundQt (14.02.2012 16:08)

    ICST Ambisonictools implementation in CsoundQT

  • ICST DSP Library (08.02.2012 14:08)

    The ICST DSP Library integrates the basic capabilities of a technical computing tool with audio specific functions and produces C++ code optimized for hard real-time applications. It largely eliminates tedious and error-prone iterations between different development environments and programming languages with the associated recoding steps. Now, one may work more interactively from algorithm design to the final test of the audio application as it's always the same piece of code. The library is based on C++ with SSE2 intrinsics for the core functions and is released under the BSD license....

  • sonoplanes (08.02.2012 10:24)

    sonoplanes is a non-linear audio arrangement application based on Pure Data.
    It is aimed at driving multichannel audio installations and supports setups with
    minimal to no maintenance.

  • Choreographer (28.09.2011 08:53)